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Мастерская Системных и Семейных расстановок / Systemic and Family Constellations Workshop

Клиентская/терапевтическая группа, мастерская/лаборатория
Ведущий: Денис Петров
Стоимость участия: Скидки: уточняйте информацию у ведущего

О мероприятии

Клиентская расстановочная группа, на английском языке.

(Описание мероприятия)

Systemic and Family Constellations Workshop

Approach introduced by german psychotherapist Bert Hellinger has since been developed and widened to the mul class="ai_ul_a"tiplicity of therapeutical, focused on personal trauma, diagnostic and even non-healing applications, such as constellations for business and decision making.


Constellation is a way to receive an answer to an exciting personal question, to see a disturbing situation differently, to find a source of a symptom or illness, or a conflict, new or lasting for several generations. 


Classic systemic constellations approach is based on the idea that an issue that client faces in his or her individual life might have the roots in the events of the family system of the client, past or present. These issues might be effectively settled through this type of work.


From constellations point of view, we all carry some kind of luggage of the past, and not just ours, but our “systemic” luggage – the stories that are not resolved in a particul class="ai_ul_a"ar generation, say, by our ancestors, woul class="ai_ul_a"d pass to the descendants and may involve us, sometimes in a very specific way. The approach gives means to properly resolve such systemic issues.


Requests for systemic work vary from physical or mental symptoms to rather minor but for some reason significant issues, such as attitudes to people or situations that otherwise woul class="ai_ul_a"d not have reasonable explanation. Constellation allows to take a fresh look at the familiar, well-established picture of the conflict or symptom, it gives access to an opportunity to see a movement interrupted in the past, to create a space for the free flow of life. 

Date/Time: Saturday 15 Feb 2020   2pm - 5pm


Depending on the amount of requests there might be space for 2 constellations or 1. If there will be some extra time available, we will use it to arrange work in the group in relation with topics of interest that will be selected during the event.



Attending as an observer or representative - CAD 20 

To receive a constellation: CAD 100

If you need a constellation done, please request in advance: there are only two spots available for a constellation during the meeting. 


Venue: Studio D325 

5445 Ave de Gaspé Local 325 

H2T 3B2, Montreal, Québec

10 min walk from Laurier metro, in the district of Mile End


Reserve your spot +15142396532, ttx201@gmail.com Denis Petrov


The workshop will be held in English 

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